Company Overview

Founded in 1985, Beltran Inc. is a high tech, research and development engineering firm focused on the creation of novel technologies for a number of Federal agencies as well as the private sector. Beltran’s technical expertise spans all stages in the research and development of cutting edge structural system solutions including platforms, structures, weapons, antennas and advanced engineering systems. Government customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and other federal agencies. Our endeavors result in high potential solutions providing intrinsic value to our core customers. These start first with our ability to understand and appreciate their unique and specialized needs across an array of industry domains. Beltran’s objectives are to identify, develop and reduce to practice the best technical engineering solutions to our core customers’ challenges, which enable substantial technical advancement and provide high return cost savings.

Beltran Inc.’s mission is to provide high pay-off solutions to our customers’ unique engineering challenges while leveraging state-of-the-art technical innovation. Through our commitment to innovation, partnership, and quality, we are able to introduce new engineering products and processes across a number of structural platforms. These are primarily focused on the unique engineering needs of air, sea, and ground vehicles, weapons, and specific components, such as antennas.

Beltran’s R & D applications leverage the rational utilization of novel and conventional materials, such as polymer matrix composites and shipbuilding metals, proper modification of pertinent material processes, rational structural design, and hydrodynamic improvement of high-speed vessels.