Optical Memories

Beltran developed a new high-tech polymeric material containing magnetic single domain nano-particles, suitable for the purpose of high density optical data storage (with recording density of 8 Gb/in^2 and higher) and capable of operating in hazardous environmental conditions.

During the development we obtained and tested samples containing magnetic nano-particles with various compositions, including such complex materials as ferrites and heterometallic compounds, in various polymeric matrices. For the synthesis of the main part of the samples we used the method of thermo-destruction of metal-containing compounds, such as carbonyls, ascetates, formats, and complex clusters. To carry out the synthesis, experimental pilot plants were designed and constructed. The influence of the technological parameters of the synthesis (temperature, speed of stirring, existence or absence of the magnetic field, etc.) on the samples' properties was studied.

It was found that the most suitable for magnetic recording properties were the samples containing iron or cobalt in polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyamide matrices.

The fundamental results of the research concern the magnetic properties of the samples obtained by thermo-destruction of metal-containing compounds (coercive force and magnetization and their temperature dependencies, blocking temperature and its concentration dependence), particle structure and size distribution, the influence of heat treatment on the magnetic properties of the samples, and the corresponding transformations inside the particles.